Community Service Day  Projects on Oct. 28

Friends of the Creeks is sponsoring two projects for Community Service Day in 2017 -- creek  cleanups on Pine Creek at Oak Grove and in the Woodlands neighborhood.  To volunteer, sign up here:

These projects were postponed from the original date and will take place on October 28
.   The ivy removal project in Civic Park was canceled but we'll offer it again next year.


Upcoming Events

Restoration workday:  Sat Nov 11 from 9:00am-noon
Restoration days
monthly on the 2nd Saturday
Community Service Day, Sat Oct 28, 8:45am 
2018 Annual Creek Cleanup
:  Sat May 12, 8:45am
To sign up, contact us.


    Winter Restoration Workdays 

    We are transforming a weedy area of creek bank in Civic Park into a meadow of wildflowers and native grasses.  Join us for some rewarding work, camaraderie, and sometimes a brief talk about an aspect of creek ecology.  No experience is required -- just a desire to make the creek a better place for both humans and wildlife.  In July we weeded our restoration plot, and in August we removed arundo from the creek channel.  We're all ready for the winter planting season!

    For more information about workdays
    To sign up, contact us.
    Photos of past restoration days

    Investigating Fish Habitat

    As part of our ongoing project to learn more about the fish in our creeks -- both what species we have and where they live -- we have been sampling in Tice Creek recently.  So far we have found California roach, three-spined stickleback (both native), and two species of crayfish, one native and one not.  

    We also record any wildlife and native plants we see.  At one site we heard or saw five species of woodpeckers, a variety of songbirds, broad-handed mole tunnels, deer scat and a tree where they rubbed velvet off their antlers.

    Thank you to all our cleanup volunteers!

    Over 150 people attended the 28th annual downtown Walnut Creek creek cleanup on May 13.  We collected 16 cubic yards of debris. Two-thirds of it was habitat restoration-related, and the rest was trash. 

    Photos of the 2017 creek cleanup are available here. 

    volunteers cleaning creek
    Volunteers clean up Pine Creek on Community Service Day 2014.  Every year new trash finds its way into the creeks and needs to be removed before the winter rains come.

    Removing and painting arundo below the Creekwalk

    In August, we worked on removing the few remaining clumps of arundo below the Creekwalk.

    bagging weeds with seeds

    We weeded our restoration area in July, bagging the weeds that had seeds.  To minimize use of plastic, we just put weeds with no seeds in a pile and let them turn to compost.

    volunteers sampling fish in Tice Creek

    The  volunteer on the left is looking up GIS information on his phone.  The fish to be recorded are in the bucket.

    volunteers cleaning creek

    Crew 5 poses with some of the trash from their area at the 2017 creek cleanup. Yes, it's just some -- the lawn chair and several other sizable items are missing.